ACTIVA Automatic HeavyDuty Cash Counter, Counts Old & New INR with UV/MG/DD/IR Scanning and FakeNote Alarm Note Counting Machine Note Counting Machine


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Activa currency counter is a bank approved mix value counter machine which helps to count currency of all denominations in a mix bundle of notes and detect fake currency accurately.

It can count total number of notes, total number of notes for each denomination & total value for all denomination of currencies.

It is fully updated for NEW and OLD Indian Currency. It uses UV (Ultraviolet), MT (Metallic Thread), IR (Infrared) & MG (Magnetic) counterfeit detection technology which enables accurate detection of fake notes.

It is an ideal machine for banks, hotels, restaurants, builders, bullion traders, diamond merchants and business organization where there is a constant need to count and detect currencies. It saves time, labour cost & reduces losses due to human error.


  • Detection Technology: IR Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor
  • Detects Fake Note
  • Detects Duplicate Note
  • Detects Cut Note


  • Activa
Model Name
  • MixValue UV/MG/MT/IR Cash Counter, Fast Counts All Old & Latest INR with External LED Display
Counting Speed
  • 1000 notes/min
Detection Technology
  • IR Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor
Acceptable Denominations
  • 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000
Suitable Currency
  • Indian Rupee
Adjustable Speed
  • No
Stacker Capacity
  • 100 Notes
Hopper Capacity
  • 100 Notes

Safety And Security Features
Fake Note Detection
  • Yes
Duplicate Note Detection
  • Yes
Cut Note Detection
  • Yes
Chain Note Detection
  • No
Other Safety and Security Features
  • Fake Note Alarm and Fully Updated for NEW and OLD Indian Currency

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Customer Reviews

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